MNIT Jaipur : Here’s everything you should know.

Established in 1963, previously known as MREC and now known as MNIT(Malaviya National Institute of Technology), is one of the best NITs in India. It has continually made its name atop a profusion of rankings. The institute presently has 13 departments and eight centers of excellence for undergraduate students, 27 specific programmes for postgraduate and doctorate programmes.

Jaipur MNIT

MNIT Jaipur Faculty

The institute has a full-time faculty strength of nearly 200 professors. There are highly qualified professors, many of them being Ph.D.’s and IITians themselves. Apart from this, there are 500 full-time research scholars. Some of them have even completed their higher studies from universities prestigious across the globe such as Cranfield University, England, University of Florida, University of Southampton etc.

Malaviya National Institute of TechnologyLocation

The campus is perhaps one of those rare NITs. IITs situated in a city compared to others which have names of cities dovetailed to their name and are positioned in the outskirts of a town like NIT Hamirpur, IIT Mandi, to name a few. For fine arts and Architecture, JKK- Jawahar Kala Kendra proves to be an asset since it gives great exposure in terms of guest lectures, workshops, exhibitions, and is hardly a ten-minute commute.

Malaviya National Institute of TechnologyAcademics

The official website claims of 140 research projects, funded by various government departments such as the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, DRDO- Defense Research and Development Organization,  Center for Development of Stone, Department of Science Technology and many more. MNIT Jaipur files an average of 8 new patents annually, more than 4000 research publications including citations, and faculty publications.

The course includes guest lectures, hands-on laboratory sessions, and workshops routinely. For someone looking for that one extra step coupled with academics, this institute seems almost right!

A 4th-year student from the Electrical Department said that research isn’t very active for bachelor programmes and professors don’t turn up to the classes at times because of being engaged in their research projects. “Technical” knowledge is somewhat less amongst students.

An anonymous answer on Quora reads, ZERO industrial visits; an ‘us against the world’ scenario in organizing any college fest; Faculty members who only care about their research work and look down on students; pre-dated teaching methods and an inferior marking scheme.”

Read the answer for yourself at :

The institute strictly adheres to the 75% attendance rule of the Supreme Court, and someone is failing to comply to the same isn’t spared.

The Social Sciences Department organizes semester wise French and German language courses structured in two levels every year charging a fee of 1k per semester, as an elective course for all.

MNIT College Societies

The institute has Creative Arts and Cultural Society(CACS) –which further comprises of multitudinous societies, Film and Photography; Fine Arts headed mostly by the Architecture students, Music and Spicamacay, Dramatics, Literary Society, Technical Society, Vyaktitva Srijan Club. It has scads of coding clubs and professional bodies.  The Zine is one such society started in 2007. Students get into it through a rigorous screening test.

The institute promotes holistic development, there are two credits for CACS, NSS, and Sports, therefore, it is de rigueur to opt for one of them.

The Dramatics Society as a college body isn’t active rather it is the student-run bodies underneath it such as DIL- Dramatics is Life which is hyperactive and hit events such as the MOODINDIGO at IIT Bombay.”, says Riya who has been active for three semesters.  

An executive from the Fine Arts says, their society organizes only competitions and no art gallery visits and learning sessions.

Umang, an executive from the Film and Photography says, their club hosts a photography and videography oriented trip for its members, the club hosts campus walks and workshops, as many as 3 in a month. “Ours is currently the most progressive society on campus. We have had professional photography workshops from Nikon India, too. This institute is great in the sense that instead of involving seniors or old students the professors persuade the freshers, first year and second year. Once they hit the second year, they can even become executives. The society provides great exposure, and it has 6 DSLRs of their own donated by the founder of the society. For one 2-3 hour workshop, we have a budget of 3000-5000 easily.”

The institute has a fair share in sports- it doesn’t have a swimming pool, but there is a basketball court, tennis court, badminton court to name a few.

MNIT College fests

Jaipur MNIT Cultural festival

Every semester many fests are organized such as the annual cultural fest-Blitzschlag and Annual Technical Fest, Sphinx; Malaviya Sports Tournament- MST, Youth Fest which attracts students from various institutes. The annual cultural fest of the college, Blitzschlag is a mega event for it spellbinds as many as twenty thousand youngsters from across the nation. Also, the fest has an exclusive fashion show. The institute has an excellent scope for fashion and modeling since there is active participation in fashion walks in and around the institute. It hosts its very own “ Panache“ in Blitzschlag. MST has a fashion show, too.

Blitzschlag 2019 saw a 2-day workshop from Ar. Anuj Kale, none other than the man behind Leewardists.

One gets to pal up with people from all 29 states- since 50% of the people are not from Rajasthan- they are preponderantly from Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, North-East Assam, Nepal, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Delhi. Gulteez, Royal Maharashtra Group, Royal Punjab Group, North-East group, Jaat group are some student-run cultural groups.

The ID card is the power tool in this institute, be it a library, entry to the hostel, to the exams or even outside campus, it comes handy- if one misplaces it, they will have to file as much as an FIR and only then can they apply for the new one.

MNIT Hostel Life

ipur MNIT hostel
MNIT Jaipur College Campus and Hostel Buildings

The campus houses hostels for boys and girls.

Ragging is always an influential factor when choosing the college of your dreams, and it very much applies here, too. There is an Anti-Ragging Campaign, and every student has to sign a motto and be a part of it necessarily. However, hostels are not everyone’s cup of tea and, some students opt to stay in rented flats near to the institute. Apart from this Jaat Hostel and Brahmin Hostel are also available as options.

Hostels are excellent as students get single rooms once they enter the second year. Mess offering four meals a day, free internet connection, a standard room with TV, laundry, one gets all facilities, in the hostels. MNIT girls hostel maintains a strict timing- they aren’t allowed to be anywhere in the campus but in the hostel after 10.

It becomes difficult for us to complete our assignments by 10 p.m. since, we are asked to leave the Computer Centre and Library as soon as it is 10, the facilities aren’t 24*7 for girls!” says a fourth year student.

MNIT Jaipur Facilities

The campus has its own post office, ATMs, a bank, and a guest house.

Asia’s largest lecture theatre complex- Vivekananada Lecture Theatre Complex adorns this 317-acre lush green campus.

MNIT Jaipur Placements

The 2017-18 statistics from the official website of the institute speak of the highest package in the undergraduate course being a whopping 40LPA for Computer Engineering, the average package for both undergraduate and postgraduate being 8.1 lakh.

The placement cell is undoubtedly very active since it constitutes of students on the work front.

MNIT Fee Structure


For, SC/ST, General and OBC(income below 1 lakh) the tuition fees is nil.  A one time fee of around 20k and 60k is charged in the income category 1lakh-5lakh and above 5 lakh respectively(General/OBC). Institute fee totals to about 35k per semester.

MEA (welfare), DASA, MEA (Education) & ICCR students of NON-SAARC and SAARC Country are charged 1.8 Lakh INR annually.


The institute offers a full-time M.B.A. programme and the same is likely to cost 1.5 Lakh(General/OBC Category) and 50k(SC/ST).

M.Tech/M.Arch(full time) in General category costs approximately 1.2 Lakh annually whereas the same for SC/ST costs 52k annually. A part-time course in the course as mentioned earlier costs approximately the same.

For a full-time M.Sc course, the institute charges 66k(General/OBC) and 52k(SC/ST).


A full-time P.hd programme would cost 67k  (General/OBC), and 52k (SC/ST) would be the annual charges for someone who wishes to pursue a P.hd in this institute. A part-time P.hd is slightly less than the rates as mentioned above.

MNIT Hostel Fee

The hostel fee as of July 2018 is 31k per semester wherein it charges a one-time refundable fee of 20k in the first semester.

The official website of the institute lists 42 scholarships.

Scope for Growth and Ideas

The MNIT innovation and Incubation Centre, a technology business incubator has a specific building on campus and, provides students opportunities to make their ideas practical, a fourth-year architecture student currently successfully operates his startup at  MIIC.

On the whole, the institute has room for holistic development, and the placement statistics are useful, too. Flipping the other side of the coin, it speaks of less technical knowledge. There are pros and cons. One needs to check their priority lists and calculate what outweighs the other.



3.Face-to-face interaction with students

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